Peter Voss-Knude: Like inside of a volcano

Peter Voss-Knude: Like inside of a volcano

Foto: Katrine Møbius

Soon the massive art fairs will open the doors during Cph Art Week. CODE is the first to invite from thursday 31 with both galleries and a talk & performance program.

One of the actors is Peter Voss-Knude, who you may have seen performing during SMK Friday – SOUND & VISION with his band Peter & The Danish Defence.

Peter explains:

Like inside a volcano, we are all a big vibrant and sticky mass of different components. Being a hybrid between sound, color, movement, direction, of beauty and dreadfulness is not an unusual state for me, but something we all are. It is an awareness of a natural condition that we are all fusions, that we all are boring, but also quite funny. Nasty, but also good. It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to speak honestly from between the poles I find myself in.

Read more about CODE here

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'Peter Voss-Knude: Like inside of a volcano'