Theme 2017: SOUND & VISION

Theme 2017: SOUND & VISION

Nástio Mosquito: Respectable Thief-Centrale Fies, 2016. Photo by Alessandro Sala

Under the title SOUND & VISION, this year’s Cph Art Week festival explores how the connections between sound and image are put into play in the contemporary art of today.

New encounters and relationships between sounds and images are made constantly everyday – on the streets, in nature, through media and technology, and within our mind and bodies. These interactions between visual, audio and musical media have inspired artists for centuries. From experimental avant-garde compositions, to colourful popular music videos, multimedia installations and beyond. By appealing to both eyes and ears artists have historically transgressed the borders between sound, music and visual art. Hereby they continuously expand our aesthetic understanding to make way for new and vibrant artistic expressions.

Whether analogue or digital, conceptual or popular, noisy, melodic or poetic – SOUND & VISION focuses on works that integrate sound and music as its raw artistic material, as well as artists who find inspiration in their imagery through music and sound. Highlighting also cross-disciplinary practices SOUND & VISION seeks to explore how our cultural and social identities are created, shaped and interpreted through the combinations of image, sound and music.

Cph Art Week cooperates closely with a wide range of contributors to the Copenhagen art scene. Taking place in various venues and locations across the city, including Copenhagen’s major art spaces and cultural institutions, the festival will comprise an ambitious programme including exhibitions, concerts, events, talks, performances and projects by international and local artists. Cph Art Week also initiate a number of new platforms on which special projects can be developed through cross-aesthetic artistic collaborations.

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'Theme 2017: SOUND & VISION'