Art Week in short

Art Week – a festival of VISUEL ART for art lovers


Art Week was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013. Every year the Art Week Festival is created in collaboration with up to 40 exhibition venues from our most prestigious art museums, art galleries and artist-run project spaces on the outskirts of the city. Art Week is packed with new exhibitions, performances, concerts, debates, industry activities, art tours and meetings with the artists themselves.


Art Week consists of two parts, one for the audience and one for professionals.

With the audience program Art Week invites the citizens of Copenhagen as well as our tourists to new and different meetings with the art and artists. 

Art Week is an opportunity to explore Copenhagen’s vibrant and diverse art scene, regardless of whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or new to the field. In this way, Art Week works to ensure that more people are invited into the field that is our contemporary visual art.

With the program for professionals, we create seminars and symposia and a framework for knowledge sharing ensuring that international professionals are invited to Copenhagen. They will meet selected artists and experience how the capital’s art scene develops. In this way Art Week works for the professional strengthening and forming networks that reach beyond the boundaries of the Art Week and the city.

During Art Week we create meetings with and provide conversations about art itself and with the artists themselves. In other words: Art Week strengthens contemporary visual art in close collaboration with the full Copenhagen art scene.


Art Week - festival for Art Lovers
Art Week is a festival for both art connoisseur and people new to the field. Foto: Lara Osorio